Mike Hodge


Dear Friends:

Last night we lost our friend and colleague—the fearless leader of our New York Local.

Mike Hodge was a powerful unionist, a remarkable leader, and more than anything a great friend, colleague and mentor. He led our local through several challenging years and into the momentous merger. He built on that powerful foundation to bring cohesion and stability to our local and helped build the industry economy on which New York members’ careers now thrive. His vision and leadership made us stronger and justifiably prouder. Alongside the pain of losing Mike, I urge us all to remember his extraordinary achievements on behalf of SAG-AFTRA and Screen Actors Guild before it.

For me, and I am sure for many of you who were his closest friends, this is particularly heartbreaking as we have lost not just a president, but a father figure and a big brother. Mike was a towering presence whose kindness and good nature made each of us better.

I have been in contact with his family and will share information on services and other details as soon as that is appropriate.
For now, please join me in wishing our dear Mike a fond farewell and a good journey.

Onward together,

Rebecca Damon

National President & Secretary-Treasurer

NY President

NY Vice Presidents

NY Local Board Candidates

National Board Candidates



87 Rick Zahn
88 Michael Arkin
89 Dave Bachman
90 Molly Ballard
91 Marc Baron
93 Evan Bass
94 Thomas J. Bellezza
95 Sandra M. Bloom
96 David Bodenschatz
97 Avis Boone
98 Jacqui Bradley
99 Christine Bruno
102 Brian Corrigan
105 Rebecca Damon
107 Laurie Dawn
108 Ray DeForest
109 Maureen Donnelly

110 Wayne Duvall
112 Venida Evans
114 Nick Fondulis
116 Janette Gautier
117 Andrew Gelles
119 Traci Godfrey
120 Stuart Green
121 Ed Heavey
122 Paul Hecht
123 Mike Hodge
124 Anita Hollander
125 France Iann
126 Lillian Isabella
128 Vivienne Jurado
130 Sandra Karas
131 Verania Kenton
132 Gerald M. Kline

133 Jeff Knapp
134 Ezra Knight
135 Joyce Korbin
136 Ilene Kristen
140 Cathy Lilly
141 Doug Lory
142 James Lurie
144 Adrian Martinez
145 Tommy McInnis
146 Robert G. McKay
147 Joseph Melendez
150 Sean Patrick Monahan
151 Mary Elaine Monti
153 Vanessa Morales
154 Jack Mulcahy
156 Nan-Lynn Nelson
157 Jay Potter

158 Linda Powell
159 Marisa Redanty
160 Buzz Roddy
161 John Rothman
165 Kevin Scullin
166 Sarah Seeds
167 Bev Sheehan
168 leslie Shreve
170 Alice Spivak
171 Rob Stats
172 Nancy Ellen Sutherland
173 Alex Tavis
174 Joan Valentina
175 Tania Villanueva
178 Jeff Wilburn
182 Cort L. Hessler III






Working together as a national team, we’ve successfully negotiated contracts that have put over one billion additional dollars into members’ pockets.

Saw health plans merged, we organized Telemundo performers, took on IMDb, pushed for direct deposit of residuals, developed a new union call center, led the charge for the SAG-AFTRA app and made SAG-AFTRA financially stable resulting in record level surpluses, averaging $11M annually over the last 4 years.


  • Increase our residuals
  • Flip more non-union commercials
  • Expand New York tax incentives
  • Fight for more money & work for Background
  • Demand parity for Spanish Language contracts
  • Expedite safe merger of the pension plans
  • Capture New Media work and stay ahead of trends
  • Bolster protections for Broadcasters
  • Win the Interactive Media strike
  • Develop the SAG-AFTRA Music Initiative
  • Ensure safety for all actors, stunt performers and coordinators and
  • Enforce Our Contracts



Your donation is a direct investment in your own career, by helping to elect our extraordinary slate of smart, committed and working members who rely on our contracts and our pension and health benefits just like you.


Getting our message out to over 35,000 NY members costs real money. Your investment will go directly to getting campaign materials into the hands of SAG-AFTRA members.


Use the form below to provide your endorsement for Mike Hodge and the USAN Team.

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USAN Leadership


Merger was just the beginning. While USAN has always been for merger and one union, we hardly feel our work is done. Whether you are an actor, broadcaster, singer, dancer, stunt performer or recording artist, we will put your voice in the boardroom. Our USAN candidates from President to Board Members to Delegates are your voice in your union.

We are members from all walks of life representing both ends of the earning scale (along with the struggles) and everywhere in between. We are both vested as well as working toward that goal. Some of us struggle to qualify for health care, which never seems to get easier. We are a coalition of SAG-AFTRA members, and while we originated in NY, we have supported and included candidates from every local across the country who care deeply about this union and their careers. We are members who depend on SAG-AFTRA contracts to feed our families, pay our rent or mortgages, and provide health care coverage. We will do whatever it takes to preserve our ability to do so.

In other words-WE ARE YOU!

Here’s what you get with USAN candidates:

  • Responsible and progressive leadership with integrity. USAN understands that our TRUE adversaries are the multinational corporations that we negotiate with for every contract, not each other.
  • Complete transparency with the membership. USAN believes in a union that communicates honestly with its membership.
  • A diversity of working professionals working for you – to bring you more opportunities to keep you working, to keep SAG-AFTRA strong, and to be the model for other unions in this country and around the world.

We are dedicated to:

  • Being a powerful advocate for anyone who works in front of a camera or behind a microphone.
  • Strengthening ties with organized labor especially our sister entertainment unions to enhance our bargaining power.
  • A true national and united SAG-AFTRA, where all the voices in all categories in all locals are seen, heard and counted.
  • Bringing more work back to the U.S. with real world solutions.
  • Finding creative approaches to organizing new work across the country.
  • Fighting the encroachment of non-union work.
  • Franchising and regulating our agents.
  • Stabilizing SAG-AFTRA’s long term fiscal health.
  • Working with our foundations to increase our career programming, literacy initiative (BookPALS), scholarships, and health and emergency assistance for New York members.
  • Creating legislative tax initiatives to grow work in New York and keep more of your money in your pocket.

USAN is dedicated to protecting everyone who works in front of a camera or microphone. Founded in Screen Actors Guild as United Screen Actors Nationwide, our new mission is to Unite SAG-AFTRA Nationwide. USAN representatives work in every area of the entertainment and media industries and are committed to securing the strongest wages and working conditions for SAG-AFTRA members across all media.


Candidates endorsed by Unite for Strength and USAN Leadership
for 2017 SAG-AFTRA Elections

Los Angeles and New York, (July 12, 2017) – SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris will seek re-election as the union’s top national officer. Long time National Board Member and chair of the Diversity Advisory Committee Jason George will join Carteris for secretary-treasurer. UFS and USAN will also field slates of candidates vying for open positions as national and local board members and as delegates to the third SAG-AFTRA National Convention, to be held in Los Angeles in October. Election ballots will be mailed to members on July 25th and will be tabulated on August 24th

Joining Unite for Strength and USAN Leadership in endorsing Carteris and George are Octavia Spencer, Alec Baldwin, Rita Moreno, Jane LynchNoah Wyle, Margo Martindale, Rhea Perlman, Regina King, Michael Cudlitz, Keith David, John ChoPhylicia Rashad, Robert Patrick, Stephen Lang and Luke Perry. Also endorsing Carteris and George are numerous elected SAG-AFTRA leaders from all 25 locals and National Officers, including Executive Vice President Rebecca Damon, National Vice President, Los Angeles Clyde Kusatsu, New York President Mike Hodge, National Vice President, Small Locals David Hartley-Margolin, National Vice President, Actors/Performers Samantha Mathis, National Vice President, Broadcasters Catherine Brown and National Vice President, Recording Artists Dan Navarro.

“It has been my great honor to serve as your president, pressing forward and leading the vital work of SAG-AFTRA, the world’s most powerful entertainment union. We must be responsive to our members’ needs, whatever the platform, whatever their work, wherever they live. Whether it’s negotiating new contracts, organizing Telemundo, standing up for a fair Interactive agreement, or keeping our ages off of IMDb, the work of SAG-AFTRA never stops,” said SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris. The star of Beverly Hills, 90210 continued, “Our employers are enjoying record breaking profits and it is vital that we earn our fair share and retain the ability to make a living. I pledge to continue devoting my time, energy and passion to fight for SAG-AFTRA members.”

Grey’s Anatomy star Jason George stated, “President Gabrielle Carteris has been a friend and colleague in the boardroom since the early days of our work to unite SAG and AFTRA. I am excited at the prospect of serving with her as Secretary-Treasurer and further strengthening SAG-AFTRA,” George elaborated, “In addition to safeguarding our union’s fiscal security, I will prepare SAG-AFTRA for our rapidly-evolving industry by focusing on enforcement and digital innovations that reduce costly mistakes and improve timely and accurate payments to our members.”

Academy, Golden Globe, SAG and BAFTA Awards winner Octavia Spencer remarked, "I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for re-election as SAG-AFTRA President. Gabrielle is a fierce, intelligent leader and a passionate advocate for all of our members,” Spencer added, “She, along with Jason George as Secretary-Treasurer and everyone from Unite For Strength and USAN, represent the kind of progressive, dynamic leadership our union needs and our members deserve."

Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy and SAG-AFTRA Life Achievement Award winner Rita Moreno said, "Gabrielle Carteris has done an extraordinary job as President of SAG-AFTRA. She and Jason George embody the strength, intelligence and compassion that are the earmarks of great leaders. They, along with Unite for Strength and USAN, have my absolute support."

Emmy, Golden Globe and SAG Awards winner Jane Lynch commented, "Leading SAG-AFTRA is no joke. Performers count on their union to protect their livelihoods in this volatile business. I trust Gabrielle Carteris and her team to continue fighting and delivering real victories."

SAG Award winner Noah Wyle spoke of Carteris, "I wholeheartedly support the re-election of President Gabrielle Carteris. She has proven herself as an extraordinary leader in the midst of rapidly shifting industry challenges,” The E.R. alum further stated, “Jason George has the intelligence, judgement and union service experience to make an exceptional National Secretary-Treasurer. Leading us to merger and progressing beyond, Unite for Strength and USAN steer us to the strongest, most responsive SAG-AFTRA possible."

Emmy winner Margo Martindale agreed, “I have always said our union will be stronger after merger. And now thanks to President Gabrielle Carteris, Jason George, NY President Mike Hodge and the USAN/UFS team we have the proof—a newly negotiated contract that is $56 million richer than the last,” The star of The Americans and Cars 3 concluded, “We made the right choice."

Star of The Walking Dead and Southland Michael Cudlitz stated, “I am proud to support Gabrielle Carteris for SAG-AFTRA president. I've known Gabrielle for over 25 years and I've seen her fight for performers’ rights first hand. Her commitment and courage are second to none. She has an all encompassing understanding and knowledge of the contracts and issues that really matter to actors on sets. However, more than her knowledge and experience, is this: Gabrielle cares. Her only wish is to enrich and support her fellow performers and I am confident she will continue to do an excellent job.”

Emmy winner Keith David also endorsed Carteris and George, sharing, “Gabrielle Carteris has been working on behalf of us all and making SAG-AFTRA a stronger union. The result of her tenacity speaks for itself, one of many reasons to support her re-election. With people like Gabrielle, Jason George running for Secretary-Treasurer and their team running for the board, I believe this is the group we need to move forward, trusting that our best interests are being cared for.”

John Cho of Star Trek fame noted, “I’m proud to support the visionary leadership of Gabrielle Carteris and Jason George. I’ve been impressed by their dedication to the needs of our members and their understanding of the value of inclusivity and diversity. They stand on their principles and don’t hesitate to put themselves on the line.”

Image Award winner Phylicia Rashad offered “Join me in voting for Gabrielle Carteris, Mike Hodge & the entire team. They are the model of inclusion and truly represent our diverse membership across the board — their leadership, experience and vision are key to moving SAG-AFTRA forward.”

Robert Patrick of Terminator 2 and Scorpion emphasized, “As President, Gabrielle Carteris combines wisdom, grit and compassion - we’ve already reaped enormous benefits from her leadership. Jason George is a solid professional with the business savvy and union dedication to be a terrific Secretary-Treasurer. Carteris and George, along with their Unite for Strength and USAN colleagues are a winning combination – a win for all members.”

Star of Avatar Stephen Lang stated, “Join me in supporting Gabrielle Carteris, Jason George, Mike Hodge and the USAN/UFS team. They have been a force in SAG-AFTRA.”

SAG-AFTRA Broadcast Steering Committee Chair Joe Krebs reflected, “Simply put, we are extremely lucky to have her! Gabrielle Carteris is an extraordinary leader - caring, concerned, and committed to each and every SAG-AFTRA member. I’ve seen her commitment to broadcasters by her participation in our Broadcast Steering Committee meetings and including us in all important discussions. I wholeheartedly endorse Gabrielle Carteris and Jason George for President and Secretary-Treasurer."



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