“I am totally in support of USAN and hope they are allowed to continue their great work.”
–Charles Busch

“I fully and whole heartedly endorse USAN. They have done the heavy lifting now let’s allow these smart and able leaders to guide us through our growth period. None better than USAN!”
–Marisa Redanty

“I endorse the fine folks of USAN. They helped bring us merger and continue to do good and right by our members.”
–Rik Deskin

“Thanks USAN for always being a bright light to us singers and voice over artists!”
–Robbi Kumalo

“As a performer with a disability and a proud member of SAG-AFTRA, I support USAN because it continues to fight for full inclusion and increased employment opportunities for ALL its members. Through its leadership and support of SAG-AFTRA’s diverse membership, USAN recognizes that disability is an integral part of the diversity picture and has clearly demonstrated its ongoing commitment to addressing the issues faced by disabled performers. I am confident that USAN’s leadership will be instrumental in continuing to urge our union to work toward an industry whose screens truly reflect what– and who–we see on the streets and in communities across our country.”
–Christine Bruno


“As a singer, I support Janice Pendarvis, Mike Hodge and the rest of the USAN team.”
–Micheal Castaldo


“Thank you for working for us SAG-AFTRA Union members.”
–Julie Anne Eigenberg

“Mike Hodge cares. He used his great strengths of steady, grounded perseverance, tolerance, intelligence, leadership and humanity while being surrounded by a strong team. They won the day for us all. Thank you Mike, thank you team USAN, you have my vote!”
–Esseene R.

“I endorse the USAN slate.”
–Barbara Stein

“I absolutely endorse Mike Hodge. He’s kind, professional, and a great union man. Mike Hodge is a valuable asset to our community”
–Kathleen Turco-Lyon

“The USAN team can see a solution when there doesn’t seem to be one. I am sure that together, they will do amazing things for the communities they serve.”
–Lisa Fischer

“Thank you USAN for your excellent work! We are appreciate all that you do.”
–Julia Knight

“I believe in the USAN Leadership!”
–Robert Sean Miller

“You’ve got my support! I’ve worked with many of these amazing people and can’t think of better representatives for the job! I’ve got your back and I know you’ll have ours.”
–Russell West

“I support the goals and proven leadership of USAN.”
–Rick Delaney

“USAN supports everything about the way the UNION and MEMBERS should be!”
–Jeffrey Basch

“Your hard work has brought us together, made us a stronger union and brought about noticeable strides forward in the contracts you have negotiated. You definitely have my vote!”
–Dani Carr

“Showing support for Mike Hodge and his entire team!”
–Roslyn Ruff

“I wholeheartedly endorse this team.”
–Ellen Harvey

“USAN Leadership–I absolutely and enthusiastically endorse you!”
–Barbara Mundy

“SAG and AFTRA had been trying to merge for years. Mike Hodge and USAN were a major reason that it finally happened. Of course I support this team.”
–Terria Joseph

“I endorse the USAN Leadership slate without reservation.”
–Rafeal Clements

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