• Rebecca Damon

Rebecca Damon

New York Vice President Ballot #01
New York Local Board Ballot #11

As a member of the President’s Task Force on Education, Outreach and Engagement, I’ve seen firsthand the power of our membership working together to achieve important goals. Critical gains in emerging areas of work can be achieved only with that kind of unity and I’m proud to help provide leadership to make New York stronger. A working SAG-AFTRA & AEA member, I’m honored to provide programs that help build careers: “Business of the Biz”, Voiceover and Computer Labs, Casting Access. Screen Actors Guild Foundation Board and Chair, Actors Center. National and New York Board. Former First Vice President. Committees: Executive; Finance; Government Affairs and Public Policy. Chair: Government Review; Member Outreach, Relations, and Education; MOVE.

“In the decade plus that I have known and worked with Rebecca Damon, she has proven herself to be a tireless, dedicated and completely devoted union leader.

It is because of her intelligence and competence, that I felt completely secure in asking her to replace me as chair on several committees. I have seen her blossom into the true leader and respected working professional that she is today. She is, in my opinion, a proven and excellent choice.” — Sara Krieger

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